Our Secretariat

The Cursillo movement is not an organization as such, but it does require some administration to keep functioning. The Secretariat is a small group of Cursillistas composed of laity and clergy. They are charged by our Bishop with the responsibility of keeping the Cursillo movement on P.E.I. alive and ultimately achieving its purpose. The role of the Secretariat is one of service to the whole Cursillo movement.

The Secretariat meets monthly (except July & August). In addition to the Lay Director and Spiritual Director, roles on Secretariat include Secretary, Treasurer, Pre-Cursillo Coordinator, Fourth Day Outreach Coordinator, Weekend Logistics Coordinator, and Palanca and Activities Coordinator.

The Secretariat hopes to have a regular replacement of one third of its members each year, to ensure a smooth transition from year to year with a good mix of new and experienced members. New members will be appointed at the Annual General Meeting, usually held each June (watch for dates). If you are interested in serving in this capacity, please contact anyone currently serving on the Secretariat, or download and fill out this form and return it to Marianne Cetnarowski.

As of June 2022, the Secretariat of the Diocese of Charlottetown Cursillo movement is made up of the following dedicated people:

Lay Director
Allan Morrison
Email: allan.morrison62.am@gmail.com

Spiritual Advisor

Sheila Trainor
Email: sheila.trainor@gmail.com

Betty Calagoure
Email: bcalagoure@gmail.com

Weekend Logistics Coordinator
Rodney Delaney
Email: rodney_1967jd@hotmail.com

Pre-Cursillo Coordinator
Marianne Cetnarowski
Email: mariannerodgers79@gmail.com

Palanca and Activities Coordinator
April Delaney
Email: aprildelaney500@outlook.com

Fourth Day Outreach Coordinator – East
Barb Wonnacott
Email: barbwonnacott2021@gmail.com

Fourth Day Outreach Coordinator – West
Louann Gavin
Email: l_delaney@hotmail.com